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Pre-Decisional Involvement (PDI)

As a bargaining unit employee (BUE), it's your opportunity to express an opinion that could impact management's decision-making process on a workplace matter. 

All BUE members or non-members of the union are welcome to express an opinion on this current matter. 

Your access to the content of this SOP will be granted only after your identity has been verified.

Please visit the Steward's Page for more information on the union's pre-decisional engagement in management's decision-making for workplace matters. 

SOP Region 3 Certification Process for Vessel Operator and Trailer Towing

Management has engaged the union for PDI input regarding the detailed standard operating procedure below for the certification process for vessel operations and trailer towing.

All bargaining Unit Employee engagement is welcome.

Responses are now accepted until notified otherwise. 

The following are links to the SOP documents, which can be disseminated for review by other BUEs wishing to submit comments. 

The files have been formatted as searchable PDFs to facilitate your review. 

Specific, constructive feedback is most appreciated and helpful. Feedback that reflects your concurrence with the existing policy is also welcomed. 

Membership approves local's vote for ratification!

On Wednesday, November 29, members participating in a special meeting voted to unanimously support the local's support to ratify the inclusion of 14 articles having the AFGE Councial negotiating team's and management's tentative approval. 

Please see a running list of updates regarding the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement (MCBA) negotiations on the MCBA Central page of this website.

The Council and Local ramp up for Leg Con 2024!

Please see this site's Legislative Conference 2024  posting for an update on the evolving activities leading up to this year's event.